Heritage for Centuries Bloom Wonder
As early as Guangxu emperor 4 years (1878), the gold master in Xiamen, Fujian folk design operating handmade gold jewelry products, over 130 years of history. Ballad “Gushuyuan. Glass tower, black stain, gold master” to spread the Qing Dynasty in Xiamen. Visible gold master gold products have long reputation outside. 
Gold master was brilliant color and waster Jiejing no time and exquisitely carved texture jasper, Hotan jade as raw materials coupled with unique processing technology Jin Xiang Yu, and it is the industry leader in process. Across the country palace nobles, dignitaries, Wealthy Jia have to travel long distance are attracted to custom, and soon people pro-gaze and beloved. Guanxu emperor 17 years (1891) were called to the royal Queen businessman, later dubbed “imperial jade metalworking.
The 2005 annuity master a large amount of money in China’s jewelry are – Guanzhou Panyu investment to build over 20,000 square feet of new processing plants, the introduction of the most advanced high-end production equipment and technology from Italy, Switzerland, Japan,Germany and other countries with strong capital strength, the application of modern science and technology, into the essence of the traditional and modern culture, the to let the Jinyu perfect combination of a unique and innovative creative approach. Currently employs 1,000 people, including more than 70 top international product development and design team, local-style style, and we are committed to absolutely guarantee the product’s quality system designed specifically for customers around the world.
Gold master “Jin xiang Yu” wantonly spilled elegant jade, the gentle jade pendant with a distinguished and elegant collected. The combination of oriental charm of jade and precious metals, not only highlights the profound meaning broke through traditional barriers, let jade jewelry industry Live Flesh. Gold master production “999.9” pure gold inlaid fine jasper and nephrite, etc. necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and ornaments. Ahead of fashion design, exquisite craft, perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service and marketing across the country and around the world international market, the company has become the to domestic wholesalers around and many international well-known brand companies designated supplier.
Future development, the gold master by virtue of a good brand image of the century-old, exquisite craftsmanship will gradually meet the diverse needs of the general public, to lead the new trend of domestic Jin Xiang Yu fine jewelry.